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business relations to the top silk filatures


S.O.L. – Silk Opportunities Ltd. has its own local representative in China. We have excellent and friendly business relationships with the best silk producers, spinning mills and throwsters. Thanks to frequent visits, we can guarantee a consistently good quality of their products and machinery.

We can offer the best qualities of silk yarns at a reasonable price, always focusing on the quality. Buying silk yarns from China without knowing the relevant suppliers always involves a certain risk, because many producers in China are more focused on quantity at cheap prices rather than on quality.

exclusive agent


S.O.L. – Silk Opportunities Ltd. is the exclusive agent of Fiação de Seda BRATAC S/A for Europe. BRATAC is the only remaining producer of raw silk in Brazil. This thanks to the fact that BRATAC has continuously invested into modernization and quality improvements all along the production steps. Subsequently, today BRATAC has the reputation of producing the highest quality of raw silk available worldwide. They are certified according to:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • STeP (sustainable textile production)
Bild Fabrik Brasilien
Fabrik Brasilien
Mitarbeiterin Brasilien
Silk Opportunities Ltd.

About us

S.O.L – Silk Opportunities Ltd has been founded in 2010 by Patrick Genoud and Alessandro D’Angelo with the objective to supply top qualities of silk yarns to the top weavers or other silk users in Europe and around the world at a reasonable price. Thanks to our excellent and decades-long relationship with the best silk producers in Brazil and China, S.O.L. – Silk Opportunities Ltd. offers to interested customers the opportunity to purchase directly from these producers. S.O.L. is handling all purchasing negotiations and concludes contracts, is monitoring production and quality at the origin, effects payments to the producers, is invoicing and organizing the transport including processing of the necessary documents.

  • ZSIG – Zürcherische Seidenindustrie Gesellschaft
  • AIUFFASS – International Association of Users of Artificial and Synthetic Filament Yarns and of Natural Silk
  • Swiss-Silk – Vereinigung Schweizer Seidenproduzenten

Patrick Genoud

Patrick Genoud is active in the silk business since more than 35 years and has acquired a very broad knowledge of silk. He is also a board member of ZSIG and the silk section of AIUFFASS. He speaks German, English, Italian, French and Portuguese.

Alessandro D'Angelo

Alessandro D’Angelo is in the silk business since more than 25 years and has built up a great know-how in both silk production and the silk business in general. He speaks German, English, Italian, Portuguese and French.





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